Vertebral Augmentation System – percutaneous vertebral access, biopsy, balloon placement, and cement delivery; automated cement preparation; curved needle and balloon option enables unipedicular balloon placement and cement delivery across mid-line

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Cancellous Bone – 100% cancellous demineralized bone filler chips, strips, blocks, discs, and spacers

Cortical Bone – 100% cortical demineralized bone fibers, boats, strips, sticks, sheets, and precision-milled spacers or dowels

Demineralized Bone Matrix (DBM) Putty – up to 100% DBM putty ready-to-use in a syringe or in powder form for mixing with saline or bone marrow concentrate

Traditional Bone Allografts – ilium tricortical blocks or strips, unicortical blocks, fibula segments, and femoral cortical strut

Dermal Matrix – available in various thicknesses or in a thin mesh

Placental/Amniotic Tissue Matrix – available in membrane or injectable form

Miscellaneous Allografts – Fascia lata, pericardium, peroneus, and tendon

Bone Marrow Concentration – rapid, point-of-care concentration of variable volumes; depth-locking micro-jamshidi option; integrated plasma concentration option
Platelet Rich Plasma Processing – rapid, point-of-care processing of variable volumes with high yields of platelets and mononuclear cells; integrated plasma concentration option


Thoracolumbar Cages – PEEK or titanium cages for posterior, transforaminal, anterior, and lateral approaches; expandable PLIF/TLIF option

Cervical Cages – PEEK or titanium cages for ACDF; stand-alone, zero-profile, and expandable options

Corpectomy Cages – PEEK or titanium vertebral body replacements; solid or expandable in situ; integrated plate option

Anterior Cervical Plate Systems – low-profile, contoured plates with manual or automatic screw-locking mechanisms

Pedicle Screw Systems – polyaxial screws, rods, and cross-links; percutaneous screw options

Posterior Cervical Fixation Systems – polyaxial screws, hooks, rods, cross-links, and occipital plates

Bone Growth Stimulators – non-invasive thoracolumbar and cervical osteogenesis stimulators for use as an adjunct to spinal fusion

Electronic Pedicle Probe – facilitates pedicle screw placement in thoracic or lumbar spine