Roberto G. Aranibar - President

Roberto is the founder and owner of Chasqui Spine & Orthopedics™.  His understanding of medical technology is broad and extensive, acquired through more than a decade of training and experience in areas within biomedical engineering, healthcare market analysis, and medical device sales.  Roberto’s industry experience includes positions with globally renowned medical device companies and market analyst firms.  Prior to working in industry, Roberto earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Trinity University and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin​.

Lizzy Aranibar - Vice President
Lizzy oversees Chasqui's public relations and manages its stream of social media content.  Her role also involves coordinating promotional and other special events, developing industry partner and customer relationships, supporting company hiring efforts, managing employee benefits, and various tasks related to human resources. She has several years of experience in
fundraising for non-profit organizations and also currently serves on the board of directors for Epilepsy Foundation Central & South Texas.

Brittany A. Doty, MAM - Business Manager
Brittany's professional history comprises several industries: specialized optometry, material handling, and specialized dentistry.  Her work within practice management encompasses areas such as accounting, human resources, regulatory compliance, inventory management, and customer service.  Each work experience presented an opportunity to excel in customer service, to provide high level products and service to a variety of constituency groups, and to problem solve and identify areas of improvement in accuracy and efficiency required for industry growth.  Prior to working in industry, Brittany earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication at Austin College and a Master of Arts in Management at Wayland Baptist University.

Carlo G. Aranibar, MBA - Client Value Specialist

Carlo's experience in the medical field has focused primarily on the business aspects of healthcare.  He has helped a number of physicians establish successful practices and grow referral relationships through his professional network. Carlo's industry experience includes physician practice business development and management, involving tasks ranging from billing, workflow analysis, and EHR implementation to cost reduction strategies and growth opportunities through real estate investments and the creation of pharmacies and other ancillary services.  Many of these services are offered through MedCEO Consultants, which Carlo founded in 2012.  Prior to working in industry, Carlo earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Texas A&M University and a Master's in Business Administration with a concentration in healthcare from the University of Texas at San Antonio.  Carlo is also a licensed commercial and residential realtor.

Martin "David" Cantu - Clinical Specialist

The newest member of Chasqui's clinical team, David brings a wealth of knowledge from his OR experience as a certified surgical technologist and First Assist, where he focused on spinal and neurological surgery while also supporting a broad range of other clinical specialties and playing an extensive leadership role in robotic surgery.  David's energetic character and passion for providing excellent customer service exemplifies the superior value- and quality-based offering that Chasqui strives to provide to its customers each and every day.

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Company Description

Chasqui Spine & Orthopedics™, LLC is a medical device company that is engaged in the distribution and development of products for a broad range of applications in spinal and orthopedic medicine.  Based in San Antonio, Texas, Chasqui offers innovative solutions and unique capabilities that stem from its comprehensive understanding of the clinical, technical, and business aspects of healthcare and medical devices. 

Mission Statement

The mission of Chasqui Spine & Orthopedics™ is to provide clinicians with the most effective and efficient solutions for restoring health in individuals who suffer from spinal and orthopedic disorders.

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